Samuel W. Putnam, CEO

Samuel W. Putnam

“Mr. Putter,” as he is fondly known, created the designs that are patented processes for Innovative Trenchless Systems, Inc. The father of David, Randy, John and Bubba, he has been the backbone of the JABAR family of construction businesses since founding JABAR in 1983. All methods of trenchless technology that JABAR and ITS use in the field were designed and manufactured in-house under his expert supervision.

A visionary and inventor, William is dedicated to improving the design, speed, reliability, and craftsmanship of pipebursting equipment. He holds nine design patents in the pipe bursting and trenchless technologies fields.

John P. Putnam, Secretary/Treasurer

John P. Putnam

John is a civil engineer by education, equipment operator by field experience and current manager of the financial and administrative departments of ITS, Inc.

These skills give Innovative Trenchless Systems the advantage of practical, real-world management for specialized equipment manufacturing.

He has served at JABAR since its founding in 1983.

Randall (Randy) A. Putnam, Vice President

Randall (Randy) A. Putnam
Vice President

Randy, like all of the other family members involved with JABAR, grew up
in the field, constructing water, sewer and gas utility systems.

Since joining JABAR in 1983, his skills have been honed in all aspects of construction and manufacturing, for which he assists in the company operations and material procurement.

He holds a BS in construction from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

David A. Putnam, President

David A. Putnam

David brings an artistic and methodical design/create/manufacture approach to the creation of Innovative Trenchless Systems (ITS) equipment. He travels throughout North America and abroad to complete the necessary component manufacturing and product assembly.

With a strong background of hands-on construction, David drives the manufacturing of the new technology that ITS produces and that JABAR and many other contractors use in the field. He has worked with JABAR since 1983.

Steve Moore, Research, Project Design/Planning

Steve Moore
Research, Project Design/Planning

Steve brings to the organization an understanding of how the right combination of equipment and manpower can be coordinated with proper estimating to streamline work and ensure on-time delivery of services.

He holds a BS in construction from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He has worked with JABAR since 2000 and ITS since 2001.

William E. “Bubba” Putnam, Field Supervisor

William E. “Bubba” Putnam
Field Supervisor

Bubba’s experience in constructing water, sewer, and gas utility systems lends itself to testing of all designs. His input is invaluable in the ongoing designs of the company. He assisted in the design of the Pipe Bursting Guideline Book for ITS.

He studied at Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe and has been evaluating designs for JABAR since 1983.

Louis Ledford

Louis Ledford
Manager of ITS Field Operations

As manager of ITS field operations, Louis trains crews in the proper setup and operation of pipe bursting equipment; plans and coordinates pipe bursting events; and manages all equipment used by the firm. He is also responsible for technical support to ITS clients during the pipe bursting process and serves as a primary point of contact for clients. He was worked with the JABAR family of companies for 18 years.

Showing off the new Sewer Sentry

Showing off Sewer Sentry prototypes

David Putnam and Mr. Putter take a rare break

Louis Ledford (left) joins the Putnams

Mr. Putter and David Putnam with an ITS machine