Since 1983, the Putnam family and JABAR Corporation have served an expanding territory of municipal and private customers with pipe bursting and water infrastructure installation needs.

Today, the firm has a global reach, with its team providing expertise on difficult pipe bursting scenarios and offering its patented pipe bursting machines to clients around the world.


Founded in 1983, Louisiana-based pipe bursting contractor JABAR has completed pulls in 30 U.S. states and consulted around the world on the most difficult pipe bursting scenarios.

Using patented pipe bursting equipment from its Innovative Trenchless Systems division, JABAR has achieved a record of speed, safety and cost savings that make it the go-to source for getting jobs done right.

The engineering expertise and practical experience of the team at JABAR has led to the development of nine patents, with an additional patent pending.


Sewer Sentry - a JABAR Company

The Sewer Sentry is a simple new device for manhole covers that dramatically reduces inflow during rainstorms and reduces a system’s exposure to corrosive gases.

The patented* device takes a two-man crew about 20 minutes to install using simple tools.

We anticipate that the Sewer Sentry will reduce rainfall inflow through manhole covers about 90%.

*U.S. Patent 8,851,791 B1

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Innovative Trenchless Systems - a JABAR Company

Innovative Trenchless Systems designs and manufactures patented high velocity pipe bursting machines built for problematic soils such as running sands and black gumbo. The equipment easily powers through obstacles and provides the fastest pulls on record.

ITS’ patented equipment has enabled parent company JABAR Corp. to complete 1112 pipe bursts—all successful—that pulled 389,487 feet of new pipe. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of jobs required no dig-out.

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